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Florida in a nutshell

Since I spent the last two weeks in Florida with the family drinking obscene amounts of alcohol and not sleeping, I am now a sickling to the highest degree. Therefore I am photodumping instead of going into the dirty deets. Here we've got the best sushi roll in all the land (If you ever go to Ocala, FL and I'm not sure why you ever would, go to Sushi Bistro and order the Alexander Roll. You'll thank me later.), my new epic onesie (follow @norasnark on Vine to see extra onesie weirdness..), gingerbread house decorating, Christmas caroling in the back of a truck, party time with my Yamato ladies, the creepiest wax fingers, DIY gift tags, Cedar Key fishing with the nephews, reuniting with my sausage dog and a sweet painting of me with antlers wearing a fox by my friend, Jon.

I hope you all had as Merry a Christmas as I did. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get used to being a normal human being again. I'm pretty sure the best way to do that is by watching all of the episodes of Community while wearing head to toe neon sweats, amiright?


  1. so Brad's bday is on the 7th.... he has requested that for his party everyone wear onesies. not sure people are going to participate like he is hoping. in other news get better!

  2. For a second, I thought those were olive fingers! Because who wouldn't want olive fingers? Ha! Looks like a top-notch Christmas. Feel better! And enjoy watching Community in those sweats. :)


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