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An encharming weekend

I feel like such a slacker, but I'm positive that all the awesomeness that took place between Wednesday and Sunday needed an extra day for processing. I'm still kind of overwhelmed and in despair that it's already over, so I'm doing this SparkNotes style, especially since I was in a fairly foggy (read: drunk) state of mind the entire time and took the most random photos in the history of my 7,000-pix deep iPhone library.

Here are the highlights.

Wednesday: Seeing Wendy for the first time in way too long and getting silly off of spiked cider and champagne.
Thursday: Drinking Nalgene bottles full of mimosas, making bloody Marys with pickled okra in them, FaceTiming, like, three different times with my super awesome family back in Florida, going to the most random bar in Oakland where middle aged plus men were watching football with their yorkies, having the most delicious and wonderful foodie dinner with Michelle's family, playing Cards Against Humanity, inventing the word "encharming" while playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking way too much wine.
Friday: Eventually beating the hangover, taking Wendy into San Francisco for the first time, bar hopping in North Beach, dancing to a modern and classic rock cover band with the man who was literally dancing like nobody was watching--a lot like this actually.
Saturday: Finding the most amazing vegan food around the city, getting Irish coffees at the Buena Vista, seeing the sea lions, spending way too much money on socks and taking awkward Nokia Christmas Card photos on Pier 39, singing Destiny's Child a lot while getting ready to go out, wearing said socks out to the bars on Polk Street, getting called Destiny's Child by a random person out who didn't know about the previous singing.
Sunday: Eating more crazy delicious vegan food (lasagna and macaroni n cheese--I swoon), walking around Crissy Field, admiring the Golden Gate Bridge on an absolutely perfect, clear day and, finally, sleeping.

And now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, bring on all the Christmas things! 


  1. we played cards against humanity this weekend with brad's entire family. it was quite entertaining.

  2. No such thing as too much wine over Cards Against Humanity!!

  3. Bloody Marys with pickled okra is the bomb! My Father went to GA and made friends with some guy that makes and sells pickled okra, green beans, jalopenos, etc-- and he sent him home with BUKO amounts of jars (of each). Now my Father has decided that he can make them himself. It's crazy! But they sure are delish in Bloodys!


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