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Weekend Shenanigans

My Friday night looks a lot sexier than it was. I spent some time reading The Phantom Tollbooth, which if you've never read it I strongly suggest you do so. It's one of those books that's for children, but not really. Just read it. You'll thank me later. I also ate homemade pecan pie (because my roommate is a domestic goddess) and watched "The Great Gatsby" by candlelight. Then we proceeded to watch "Safe Haven," which was awful. I was even told that I was "being such a guy!" because I kept pointing out plot holes and inconsistencies while getting really frustrated at the thought of this chick cutting and bleaching the crap out of her own hair and having it turn out like this--no, just no. This was also the night that I realized my sponsor friends are all gone because I didn't pay for Passionfruit. My bad. I swear I will get my shiz together by October. 
Saturday I woke up at 5am (??) to run (?!???!?) in San Francisco with Emma. I don't even know who I am anymore. As soon as we started trekking up the first hill mountain, I knew I was in over my head and was probably going to end up with a run-turns-fall concussion by the end of it. But alas, I made it up the hills and we ended up going 10.6-ish miles complete with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and no bandages necessary. Then after showering and taking a whack at conquering my pigmalabiaphobia, we ate an exquisite explosion of smoked salmon, tomato and capers on crusty breaded goodness and set off to find parrots and used books. What we actually found was a bunch of stairs and new (expensive) books, so after adding a couple more miles and stairs to our day of activity, we sat in a park and soaked in the rest of the beautiful day. After getting stuck in traffic for a couple hours, I went to bed. Party.
Sunday was spent doing gymnastics and cuddling with a big furry stuffed bear while babysitting, followed by laundry, dishes, cooking and cuddling with a big fuzzy sausage dog. Don't judge me, I'll take all the cuddling I can get. That's all I got, you guys. I'm out.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I dragged my boo to see Safe Haven for Valentine's Day and, as awful as the plot/acting was, it was kind of cheesily perfect for the occasion. haha
    ps. WHO ARE YOU? 5 am to run?? Weirdo. ;) #keepupthegoodwork

  2. isn't it crazy what you'll do productivity wise when you have a low key friday night? also, what were your thoughts on the great gatsby?

  3. I loved the Great Gatsby. Mainly because I love Leo.

    i just had to switch and check that you were still on mine. YOU ARE. WHEW. THANK GOD.
    i just want our weekends to be spent together.


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