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Top: Plato's Closet/Pants: Kohl's/Earrings: Claires/Lips: NYX

I kept thinking about the term "chiaroscuro" as I was taking these photos. There are tons of things I learned in college that I let slide right out of my brain, but for some reason art history always made an impact on me. If you're unfamiliar and don't feel like Googling it, it's a term describing the contrast of lighting for dramatic effect in many paintings throughout history. Of course I only took these photos with such contrast because the fluorescent lighting looked awful on my sunburn and I'm not ready to take my selfies outside yet, but it got me thinking about the balance between lightness and darkness, literally and figuratively. With little day-to-day things, like pairing bright accessories with a neutral outfit or nearly neon lips with black everything else; Slightly bigger things, like enjoying Ramen burgers and chocolate on the weekend while trying to eat veggies and work out throughout the week; Buying new clothes I want now while trying to save up for inevitable future expenses; Partying like I'm 21 because #YOLO while trying to become a functioning adult; I'm constantly seeking balance. These examples don't really scream, "dark," to me, but I think it's all the little ratios that add up, weigh me down and lead to further questionable decisions. It's when I let too much dark in that I find myself lost, off-centered and dizzy. I think I've been letting more light in lately, but I want to continue to seek it out and let it skew the balance. I want it to shine through me and warm others. I hope you'll join me.

"There'll be no comfort in the shade of the shadows thrown."
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  1. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with what you were writing about, but I love your shirt! Where's it from?

  2. I love your examples. Life is exactly like that. It's tough to find that balance and, sometimes, we lose it, but we always find it again if we look.

  3. i am pretty sure every 20 something goes through this portion of their life. or maybe just me... either way,

  4. aaaahh I love this! I feel like im constantly trying to expand my life but also find balance, and most of the times those things feel at complete odds with each other. And why have I never even heard of a ramen burger??? I'm going to out to find one this weekend.

  5. It feels like a struggle for balance, and I'm right there with ya, but I'm also starting to think that the particular ache to find balance/peace/betterness is life. So we're half-cracked.... but it's okay because “There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” ― Leonard Cohen :)

  6. honestly you write these things and then i'm reminded of our soul mate status.


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