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Hangovers, politics and stoner hip-hop

If you haven't already started reading the Laurel Gazette, now is the time to do so. This chick is gorgeous (duh) but she's also hilarious and brutally honest (oh, and she used to live in California). Basically I have a big ole bloggy crush on her. So get to know her so we can all be friends.

Best hangover cure:
Original Corn nuts, chocolate donuts from 7/11, and blue Gatorade. If it's really intense I might skip those first few steps and go straight for a cold beer. And, if things get really bad, a clean toilet seat upon which I can rest my chin is a necessity. 

What made you start blogging:
I go to law school at night. Last year I took Civil Procedure and it was painfully boring.  I started blogging as a way to get through those agonizing, tedious evening classes.  But there were also the usual factors  - I love to write, I needed a creative outlet, my girlfriends encouraged me, etc. 

What brought you to DC:
I went to college in Southern California and majored in government. I figured I should go to DC after graduation to make the best use of my degree. It was a brutal transition but it's fun to work in politics and to be a part of DC's "industry," if you can call it that.  Still, any time I meet a teacher or doctor or banker in DC I'm like, "what the hell are you doing here? don't you realize you could be doing your job in California??!?" If my job didn't require me to live here, I'd be back in California in the blink of an eye. 

Boozy drink of choice:
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on the weekdays, champagne on the weekends, and Coors Light when I'm gardening or on vacation.

First three songs on your iPod:
Here's where you find out how totally uncool I am. Lots of showtunes - the Boo and I swear we were Broadway stars in a past life. My other standbys are kind of old school -  "Juicy" by Biggie, "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky, and "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi. It sounds sort of crazy but I went to high school outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and a lot of us from that area have an inexplicable soft spot for stoner hip-hop.


  1. Haha, I love her hangover cures, sound a lot like mine. Definitely worth checking out!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  2. I love California, especially because of the great weather! Once I graduate from grad school and get a job I need to relocate to somewhere hot lol
    Just came across your blog!
    I am now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you!!


  3. I blog during my classes, too! It makes them go by faster...

    Amanda Rose

  4. ain't no thang wrong with a little stoner hip hop and show tunes. ps. love LG.


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