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Music is my boyfriend

I got a little carried away while thinking about what to listen to on my long run today, so I took it as an opportunity to provide you guys with some tunage. Some of these songs are super old and some are brand spankin' new, but hopefully you'll discover a new favorite or two. All of them make my heart and ears happy on a daily basis. Enjoy!

PS: Please share some of your new favorite songs in the comments and feel free to follow me on Spotify (just search for MacKensie Gibson). I loooooves learning about new music. Oh, and if you don't have Spotify.. get it. Trust me.


  1. I had no idea you can follow people on spotify. So that is the coolest thing ever. Also, I love Walk Across The Moon.

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Robyn, Ed Sharpe, and AWOLNATION!
    A++++++ :)

  3. I love you for posting this. Get in on some of this:
    - Delta Rae "Bottom of the River"
    - Rufus Wainwright "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"
    - Sara Bareilles "Uncharted"
    - The Bird and the Bee "Private Eyes"


  4. Great blog neighbor. Here is another alternative to making your own playlist for your run. has thousands of dj mixes I listen to while running. Below is a mix I made for running

    excuse the title. 9 miles in yesterdays heat?..... your hardcore. I made it only 4 :o

  5. have you ever listened to minus the bear? i'm a little obsessed.


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