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It always comes in spades

Early on in the day yesterday I was feeling discouraged. Not only is it that time when my hormones turn me into the emotional enchantress of the East, but it suddenly felt like three weeks was far too long to still be "funemployed." Despite the little victory of finally getting the cajones to do a selfie shoot on the West coast and pretending to embrace the extra downtime, I was feeling down and drowning my sorrows in chocolate. 

"I just want a joooob," I whined over the phone after explaining that I hadn't heard back from my interview and wah wah wah. 

Pretty soon there was a knock on the door (which always brings out the 10-year-old in me -- Stranger danger! Dad's not home, I can't answer it!) So after enough time had passed that whoever it was probably shouldn't be standing at the door anymore, I tiptoed over and timidly peered through the peep hole (yes, I'm serious). There was a package.

And it was for me.

I ripped it open and found an entire bag full of red and pink Starbursts (aka the only ones that matter), the new May issues of the magazines I freelance for (yay for seeing my name in print!) and a ziplock bag with a few puzzle pieces in it and a note promising more to come.

Not only was this the cutest thing ever, but I also received an email from a potential part-time job saying I should come in for an interview that evening. I went off to this meeting feeling skeptical and came home feeling spritely (an underused word in my opinion). Suddenly I felt optimistic and like things were falling into place (and this was after the sugar buzz had worn off). 

I was then informed I had more mail. I opened a sweet, encouraging card from one of my oldest and best friends. Then a mysterious small package that contained two albums from one of my favorite local Florida bands (Hours Eastly), which turns out were from my wonderful manager back at the restaurant I used to work at. Lastly I opened my tickets to see Fun. and Tegan and Sara forwarded to me by my mom.

I can't even explain how loved, excited, tearful, encouraged and blessed all of these things made me feel. I listened to both albums while admiring my card, eating my Starbursts and maybe letting a few hot tears roll out.

It honestly couldn't have come at a better time. It's moments like these that make me realize how great the people in my life truly are and how wonderful life can be. It's like the Universe knew I was letting that doubt creep into my heart and allowed my loving friends to force it right on out of there.

So thank you all so much. Those who have commented, Facebook messaged, e-mailed, called, written, texted, tweeted, instagrammed or even just followed along silently in my adventure. Your support means everything to me.


  1. Awe! You do have lovely friends and family. Keep your head up dear!

  2. What an awesome post!! I am still working on that list for you, by the way - I got sidetracked by a few other projects (oops!) but will get back on it soon!! Hugs to you :)

  3. Great post! It's so awesome you have such amazing friends and family that are there for you! And hoping you get that job!

  4. i couldn't agree more those are the only starbursts worth eating. the rest are garbage.

  5. This. post. made. my. morning. Even though it happened to you, it made me so happy. Thank you for sharing. Good things around every corner- even when we feel down we gotta remember that. And the universe reminds us.

  6. love everything about you.
    if you're ever in the mood to receive the most insane shit in package form then you just give me your address.


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