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For My Mom

You gave me life.
You kept me warm, full and safe.
You taught me words, strength and love.
You showed me patience, compassion and selflessness.
You played, laughed, smiled, cared.
You read to me and made up stories.
You woke up when I had bad dreams, when I felt sick, when I was scared.
You didn’t like that “shut up” or drug humor.
You broke up fights and rarely raised your voice.
You took down bullies and stood up for me.
You helped me study.
You calmed me down.
You stayed up until I was home safe.
You scratched my back.
You tolerated me.
You splurged in the bookstore.
You respected my privacy.
You supported me
You believed in me.
You held me.
You made it look easy.
You continue to do all of these things every day.
You made me the person I am.
Thank you, mom.
I love you.


  1. Good thing this wasn't much longer because this chick was almost in tears. Aren't moms amazing? :)


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