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Remember how I said I'm obsessed with A Beautiful Mess blog in this post? Well those two brilliant women came out with a photo editing app, so naturally I had to buy it. Immediately. So this is me playing with a super cute app and posting my little experiments here for you to see. After all.. I'm just a girl standing in front of a blog asking her readers to love this app. It might also be a little peek into the kinds of fatty mcfatterson photos I post on InstaGram (@mackensieg), but that's beside the point. I think what I'm really trying to get at here is, I don't have anything significant to write about today and making pancakes with only two ingredients totally blew my mind. I hope it blows yours too (that's what he said..?). Oooookay, bye.


  1. i haven't had wifi all day--- I AM DYING TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP

  2. must purchase app now! also must make those pancakes like yesterday

  3. I just heard about the app today. It's true love.

  4. I cannot believe those ingredients produced that. I have to try this. Were they like super banana-y? As in, can I still load them down with syrup without it being gross?

  5. yum, banana pancakes! I will have to try that soon :)

  6. I have never heard of this before! I have to try it!! Yum!

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