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Things That Go Together

Things that go together:

Coffee & CMT music videos -- my favorite mornings are the ones where I get to drink my coffee slowly and watch music videos, even when I've already seen them a million times.
Bananas & Sunbutter -- if you've never tried Sunbutter, I suggest you get on it. I dare say it's even better than peanut butter smeared on bananas.
The smell of sunscreen & Cosmo Mag -- this is what happens when you're fair-skinned, live in Florida and are obsessed with magazines.
Sushi & unfiltered Nigori sake -- I've heard sake is an acquired taste, but I've acquired it and I love it.
Hangovers & sweet tea -- sweet tea has saved me when even water would make me vom my guts out.
Drunk nights & the notes app -- how else can I remember the hilarious things we say?
Whiskey & Rose -- self explanatory.
Road trips & beef jerky -- there's just something magical about opening a new bag of beef jerky and letting that fart smell penetrate the car (grossest sentence ever, but I meant every bit of it).
Instagram & selfies -- no shame in my selfie game.
Running & music -- props to those runners who get all zen when they run and can't throw it off with some tunes, but this guy needs to pump pump the jam when she runs.
Rainy days & cuddling -- okay, I just vommed on my keyboard. I apologize.

Things that don't go together:

Christmas & July -- I don't know what it is, but when Christmas decorations/songs/etc. make appearances when it's not even close to December 25, I get real upset real fast.
Orange juice & toothpaste -- what kind of cruel joke is this? I brush my teeth before breakfast, therefore OJ shouldn't be a breakfast bevvie.
Pickle juice & tequila -- okay, Rose would argue with me on this one.
Multiple exclamation points & applications -- or any professional setting for that matter. My reporting professor told me in college that I only get a certain amount of exclamation points in my lifetime and if I use them up too quickly, I'll keel over. I took that to heart.
Paper cuts & lemon juice -- you never know they're there until you start squeezing those lemons.
Daytime & television -- seriously. Why is daytime TV the absolute worst?
First dates & cheese -- just me? Awkward..
Nail polish remover & cooking -- worst taste ever. Except maybe ear wax. They might be tied.
Bullying & Blogging -- this is our place, you guys. It's where we go to vent, be creative and feel like ourselves. I can't stand the thought of no longer having a warm, welcoming and supportive blogging community to come home to every day. Please don't let this wonderful place we've come to love turn into the high school cafeteria.... Or I might just have to sick T. Swift on you.


  1. Awe I agree, I can't live without music in general, but especially when i run. whenever that may be ;)

  2. The exclamation point thing--I had that professor too! But clearly I still have not learned to control myself. I can't help but think of that though every time I see someone who is way! Too! Excited!

  3. oh the OJ and toothpaste. totally hate it!!!

  4. Seriously, though. If people are gonna be dicks, we'll just wrap 'em in giant condoms. Let's go all Dikembe Mutombo on them.

  5. you forgot on your things that go together list: me and you.


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