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I'm Back!

You guys, I'm not even sure where to start this. This last week has been crazy and exciting, tiring and emotional, but mostly just really really exciting.

First I just want to take a moment for the tragedies that have occurred in the past week. The Boston marathoners have been heavy on my heart, especially as a runner and someone who has several friends in Boston (one of which was running and luckily finished way before the bombs went off). Then the night my sister and I drove through Texas and just randomly decided to stay in Wichita Falls, the fertilizer plant explosion went off in West, TX -- about 3 hours away from us.

When you're fairly removed from such tragedies, it's easy to feel like there is nothing you can do. I thought about how I should go running in honor of the victims, but since I was confined to a car for five days straight, that wasn't really an option. So I was beside myself when I found out that there was a  Run for Boston here in California right in the town of Pleasanton where I'm staying. Even though I didn't know anyone and my freshman-trying-to-find-a-seat-in-the-cafeteria side came out hard, it felt good to take a moment of silence with fellow runners. And to run around the town without fear. And to wear blue and yellow. And to feel like I was a part of something, even if it was only for three miles.

I will continue to keep all the victims of this week's tragedies in my thoughts, prayers and in my heart. But I will not be afraid. Races are now and always will be in my top favorite things to do ever. In fact, I've already signed up for the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco, and I am beyond excited to be a part of this tradition.

But for now, road trip recap annnnnnd go:
(This map is wrong, but you get the idea)
My wonderful sister Brandy took me out for an awesome day of movies, lunch and this adorable book that I got to read on the way. I just love that quote: "Leap and the net will appear.." Thank you, Bran. I love you. And while we're on the subject, my other sister Britni ended up being my traveling partner-in-crime because of complications work-wise for my friend Jenn who was supposed to ride with me. So another huge thank you goes out to Britni. You are awesome.
Okay, enough with the love fest. On day 1 we drove to New Orleans, LA where we almost got run over by a trolly, stayed in a hotel that looked like it was decorated by a 70s pimp, drank hurricanes, ate THE best oysters of my life and had a mini heart attack when my car started making beeping noises and flashing symbols I had never seen before in the eight years we've been together. Luckily good ol' Betty just needed some oil and she was fine. Oh and this day was the one where Ziggy decided to give off a skunk-like scent and completely stink up the entire car. So, so very gross.
Day 2 brought us to Texas where there was a tornado watch in the area where we were staying, which was a little scary. I did enjoy the horse statue riding the cow statue in the back of a pickup truck though.
We spent 12 hours of day 3 just driving, but it brought us to New Mexico and then we stayed the night in Arizona somewhere and it was beautiful. I liked driving through Arizona the best of all the landscapes. I'm a little upset I didn't get a poncho or moccasin boots though.. When we woke up it was 20 degrees out and there were gorgeous little icicles everywhere. I probably took about 50 pictures of ice. And now that we're half way through the road trip, I'll leave the rest for tomorrow. I need to go outside and convince myself that this is real life and I really am living in California.

Oh, and a huge thank you to all my guest blog posters. I loved all of your posts!


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY you're back!!!!

    i still wish that a stop in the state of wisconsin would have happened but that seemed a bit out of your way.

  2. That looks like a ball! So jealous! Your IG pictures were fucking fannnnnntabulous, BTW.


  3. Yay for new experiences and already signing up for your first race on the west coast! Can't wait to read your follow up post about your trip out west :)

  4. It is such a joy to be your sister!!!

  5. Girl, Wichita Falls is the best to stop in for some reason. Always a tornado warning & always poisonous snake signs! lol


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