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Easter Weekend Recap

Friday was spent poolside drinking iced chardonnay through a straw, reading magazines and getting creeped out by Old Gregg. The rest of the night was spent watching Gator basketball, playing Quelf (hence the sign on my forehead) and getting judged by hipsters while getting my dance on.

Saturday I headed to Gainesville and crossed Satchel's Pizza off the Bucket List and Ziggy got a new boyfriend. His name is Kuma. No, he's not mine, I just went to watch him get adopted. I also found that snake up there at the doggy orphanage. Aaaaand I really wanted to take one of the puppies home. I don't suggest going to animal shelters when you know you cannot take any home. If you live in Florida and are a good dog parent, do yourself a favor: visit Alachua County animal services, adopt Shiloh and let me play with her for the next 11 days.

Easter was spent hunting for my Easter basket, which the E. Bunny cleverly hid in a trash bag hanging from a tree. Then Ziggy hunted for Easter eggs because she is my daughter. Bloody Marys, pool, sun and mimosas pretty much sums up the rest of my Easter Sunday.
Oh, and a little bit of spoon-in-place-of-knife action occurred. Too many bloody Marys? Naaaah.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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  1. ahhhhhh - I'm so jealous of your poolside cocktail adventures. we hit high's of 40* this past weekend in iowa, yikes. not quite pool weather. but hopefully soon. until - I'll live vicariously through your sunny pictures!

  2. Ziggy is the CUTEST baby ever! And those bloody marys in the Gator tumblers? Dying. Looks like a perfect Easter weekend.

  3. I'll let the Florida Gator tumbler slide this time.... And I'm not sure if you have seen the trick of freezing grapes instead of using ice cubes to keep your chard cold...then it doesn't get all watered down!

  4. that fucking snake - SKEEVED me out. i can't even handle it.
    but your easter sounds magical and i'm going to do easter your way next year.


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