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Mermaids, Dinosaurs & Magic

My weekend was rad. Well, Sunday was. Friday and Saturday I worked my butt off, where one of my customers made me this figurine out of clay!
 But then came Sunday. A certain bearded gentleman picked me up at 9am to go to Weeki Wachi Springs to see real-life mermaids (I have now blogged about hanging out with mermaids and unicorns. It's okay if you're a little jealous of my mythical creature encounters.) and see real-life mermaids we did. We were fully expecting them to be frozen solid by the time we got there, or at the very least be wearing sweaters, but alas they were as skank-tastic as Ariel was and far less ginger-fied. We, on the other hand, were frozen solid (and yes, 45 degrees is the freezing point for this here Floridian).
After watching the mermaids fight off evil witches and dive down into the spring (one held her breath for almost three minutes!), we started driving somewhere and I wasn't allowed to know where. We saw a ballin' peacock, a bald eagle, countless cows, half of a giant dinosaur and a ginormous bull throughout our travels. I kept trying to guess what we would see next, but my giraffe guess was a failure. We also had a pretty epic playlist going the entire time, which you can get a little taste of by clicking the play button below. So as we drove I started to get a little nervous when I kept seeing signs for Miami considering we both had to work in the morning, and was relieved when we got off on the Orlando exit (which only about an hour and a half from my hometown). I still wasn't allowed to know what we were doing though, so we stopped at Graffiti Junktion for dinner (I got salad, relax. I kept it pretty paleo the whole time, by some force of will power I didn't know I possessed), we got tea at Infusion Tea and after getting cryptic hints like "We'll see bears there!" "Peanut butter sandwiches" and "Elvis Presley!" finally I was allowed to open the glove compartment where I found...

Orlando Magic basketball tickets!!!
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Orlando Magic
I had never been to a Magic game (or any professional basketball game for that matter) and it was on my Florida Bucket List, so Mr. Beardman hooked me up! We had amazing seats and even though we got the snot beat out of us, I had so much fun. As it turns out, basketball is far better for my attention span than football. After the game we went to a beer place that had a hidden speakeasy (I'm obsessed) where I somehow managed to resist warm chocolate chip cookies, pizza and beer for days. ALL of my will power was used on those cookies, you guys. They smelled SO freaking good. I can still remember the smell..

Then after getting lost in the ghetto and freezing our asses off, we eventually found the car, blasted the heat and sang our lungs out to the playlist that rules all the other lowly playlists in the universe.

Basically it was the most perfect, fun, wonderful Sunday ever. I'd say it gave this Sunday a run for its money. Two more items crossed off the bucket list, just a few more to go!


  1. That sounds like so much fun!! :)

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome Sunday!! Love all of the fun pictures :D

  3. Hubby likes eerrily likes Ariel. Like his credit card had a picture of Ariel.
    He is creepy. I try to forget this....he loves Ariel...

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  4. Hooray for beards and magic! Two of my very favorite things!!

  5. Hello! You might remember me from Twitter. I also ventured over from the GFC hop. Love what you're doing here -- so lovely! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  6. I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!
    this all looks incredible. except for the basketball. which does not excite me. but you excite me. so there's that.


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