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Music Monday/Braided Updo

And the braiding obsession continues..
I jacked this idea from one of my favorite bloggers here, and reproduced it in a far inferior manner (oh hello there bobby pins). But it's super easy and a unique way of getting your braids on. I think braids are the no. 1 thing I missed after chopping off all my hair for Locks of Love a year ago (read about it here) closely followed by my super easy scrunch-and-go waves that seem to disappear the shorter my hair is.

In case you hadn't guessed, my weekend was uneventful. I worked Friday and Saturday then spent Sunday sleeping, resting, cooking, running and watching the Oscars. Was anyone else completely unaware of Seth Macfarlane's total hottie status? I just know him as Brian Griffin, but homeboy can sing, dance, he's hilarious AND beautiful. I think I has a new Hollywood crush. I'm still really confused as to how Ted was walking around on stage though. Hollywood and their witchcraft.

And to complete this super random Monday post, here are some of my recent song obsessions.

I hope your Monday is relatively painless!


  1. Screw moving to California. You need to move to Ohio and do my hair everyday! I have ridiculously long hair, but absolutely no talent when it comes to styling it.

  2. That braid looks amazing!!! you always look so cute!!

  3. Love your hair! I so wish I could pull something like that off.
    I am so bummed I missed the Oscars :(


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