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Braided Upside Down Do Tutorial

I had a few readers say they are all about the hair tutorials, so here goes!
This upside down braid bun is pretty easy and perfect for greasy hair when you don't have time to wash, dry and style (ain't nobody got time for that!).
Here's what you need: bobby pins, a small hair tie, a bigger ponytail hair tie and a big ole can of hairspray.
1. Whip yo hair back and forth.. Or just flip your hair forward and brush through the bottom layer. Then grab a small section at the nape of your neck and split it into three sections.
2. Start braiding the three pieces, grabbing sections of hair from either side and adding them to the outside pieces of the braid (as opposed to the inside, like you would for a french braid). This creates an inside-out braid. Continue this braid to the crown of your head (or lower, depending on where you want your bun to go). Secure with small hair tie.
3. Smooth sides and gather all of your hair into a top ponytail.
4. Twist hair and coil into a bun, securing with bobby pins as you go. For a "top knot" look, avoid putting bobby pins in the front of your bun if possible, allowing it to poof up more. Then spray it down with hairspray.

Warning: This hairstyle is likely to make your head hurt after wearing it for long periods of time. Also, you will look like a lion when you take it out.

If you try this style out, please send me photos/tag me on InstaGram(@mackensieg)/etc. I'd love to see them!


  1. I LOVE this, but I am severely hair challenged. Seriously, I didn't figure out how to curl my hair until I was a sophomore in college haha

  2. My hair so thin my little braid at the back would be pretty pathetic, and ain't nobody got time for that. still may try it though lol

  3. i have tried this so many times and still can't accomplish it. it's like my brain shuts off and is like, "you want to do WHAT with your hair!? uhh no thanks!"

    damn hair.

    <3 kelly

  4. absolutely love this! I think that this is a hair style that would actually work with my hair!

  5. Nice, I will have to try this :)

  6. I love this! It would look pretty cool if you could add random braids on the side as well!

  7. Love this! I may have to try it out myself!!!

  8. This is so cute! I'll do it this week! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  9. looks great!!! I love doing that with my hair!


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