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California, Here We Come!

I'll be in San Francisco for the next week! Try not to miss me too much. Also, keep your fingers crossed for job/housing opportunities. In fact, keep your toes crossed too. I might be able to update you guys while I'm there, but if not, have a fabulous week and check back next Wednesday-ish for lots of fun adventures. I'll be sure to wear flowers in my hair. ;)


  1. Good luck!!!!!!!! The BF and I ultimately want to live in SF so I've done a lot of research. Hoping for the best outcome!!! Eeeek!

  2. I MISS YOU ALREADY! Don't leave me (blogaphorically speaking). #notoptional
    I must know what you're up to you, you wild-&-crazy-&-free soul-sister o' mine!

  3. Are you moving to SF?? I love it there! If so we should totally meet up once I go back to Cali in Jan. I'm about two hours from there.

  4. Love san fran. I tried to find work there and it was so difficult for me, so I wish you LOTS of LUCK!! I know you can do it ;)


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