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I know I missed 'Music Monday' but it's only because I'm overwhelmed by all the awesome new music I now have at my fingertips due to my recent conformation to the Spotify cult (I'm obsessed, there, I said it). Totally blows Rhapsody out of the water as far as cost (FO' FREE), speed, consistency, variety, all of the awesomeness. But that is beside the point, the point being that my weekend was ah-mah-zing.
First of all, we beat LSU. Yea, suck on that Tigers (freshman year I went on a road trip to NOLA for the game and, I kid you not, LSU fans literally spat at us after we lost in the last few minutes of the game. Not cool, guys.) But not this time! We are the champions!

Secondly, I got to play with some of my best friends ever. They are the greatest, and yes they really are this beautiful in real life.

Thirdly, I collected three different pairs of sunglasses, the coolest of which shown are above (we were gifted them by a rowdy bachelor party that just-so-happened to have lost the bachelor).

Fourthly (is that a thing that people say?) after recovering all day Sunday (epic. hangover.) I went to go see "Pitch Perfect" with my sister last night and it was so flippin' funny. We both wanted to just stay in the theater and watch it again. And maybe one more time. I have a new-found respect for Elizabeth Banks. She was hilarious and she produced the movie, which makes me really excited about this. Go see it, seriously. Like, now.

Nextly, I bought soy cheeze pizza today right after work as well as soft goat cheese and almond cheese.  Have I ever told you guys how much I hate being lactose intolerant?


Also, this. Just 'cuz.


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  1. SO glad you had a blast and love the sunglasses.


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