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Music Monday: Concert Edition

Concert Wear

Concert Wear by mackensieg featuring graphic t shirts

I won tickets to see Minus the Bear and Cursive in Gainesville on Sunday!
They were absolutely amazing. So much energy and dancing, and I just love when a live performance makes me want to listen to a band that much more (also, Minus the Bear is from Seattle. Eeeek!!). As I was getting ready for the concert and trying to decide what to wear, I thought I might come up with some concert wear suggestions for my readers. There are definitely some things to avoid wearing when rocking-out is sure to ensue later (this will all be common sense to you avid concert-goers, but turns out not everyone goes out of her way to see a dozen live concerts a year.. crazies.) One of the most important things to do is to wear comfortable shoes (if they happen to be adorable too, then it's all the better). It seriously disturbs me when I see a chick waiting in line to pick up concert tickets wearing 8-inch stilettos. It physically pains me. I know she's going to be hobbling out of the venue later with bloody toenails and jet black feet as the heels will surely end up in her hands half way through the opening act. Besides that, wear bags/purses that strap across or behind you so they're not in the way of your flailing arms and lighter waving (and you might stand a chance of not losing all your possessions in a passionate crowd surfing moment -- you will still, most definitely, get groped though). Lastly, layers are a pain in the ass at concerts. It might be chilly outside, but you know you're going to sweat your balls off inside, so just wear something breezy. Distressed denim (I chose shorts because I live in Florida, but jeans are good too) is always a solid choice. And the more out-there the accessories, the better. No one's judging you at a concert. Unless, of course, you're the chick on the guy's shoulders that's blocking everyone view and is flashing her tig ole bitties at the lead singer (in which case I will most likely take a picture and use it for a shocking game of "Where is Waldo?" for my friends... hypothetically....) Lastly, wear your hair down. I know this goes against the whole sweating-your-balls-off thing, but it's important that your locks are free for full-on head banging and ultimate whipping-your-hair-back-and-forth-age. I think that covers all the basics. Now go listen to Minus the Bear! Way too many people have not heard of them.


  1. I love that fringe bag and those toms are adorable!


  2. Thanks for all your fashion advice! I am going to the minus the bear concert in ft lauderdale tonight. I'm rocking my bf's tank a tight black skirt and sweet flats that I can def dance in. Xoxo


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