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Friday's Letters

Dear Zac Brown Band, Be sure to play a super-extra awesome show tonight because yours truly will be there. ;) Dear Georgia Bulldogs, SUCK IT. Dear Florida Gators, Please crush said bulldogs as I already told them to 'suck it.' Dear Ziggy, Please forgive me for abandoning you all weekend. Try not to channel your sadness into destroying all my underwear this time, pleasekaythanks. Dear Wendy (my FLAGA partner-in-crime), This time two years ago we drove to Jax last minute for this game, stole liquor and tailgating food from unsuspecting game-attendees, found abandoned shoes and a wife-beater (which allowed my cousin to ride the trolly), were hungover by 5pm, wore ghetto costumes to The Landing, got invited onto a yacht and even took over a bunch of frat boys' hotel room. Let's make this weekend equally epic. Dear Cara Box Partner (Kim), I can't wait to show off all the goodies you sent me! It was absolutely perfect. You're the best. Dear Readers, Don't miss me too much this weekend. I'll be making some awesome memories so I can blog about them later.





  1. Have an awesome time at the Zac brown band concert! Take lots of pictures!

    Cant wait to hear about your weekend!


  2. It sounds like I need to hit up a football game with you. At least the tailgating portion. I'm so so glad you liked the box!

  3. Go Gators! ;) Haven't stopped by your blog for a lil while, have missed it! Have a happy weekend, girl :)


  4. BEST Letter I have read yet! Sounds your up for a great weekend! haa!

  5. awesome picture--I love it.


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