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Friday's Letters

Dear Ziggy, You have me completely wrapped around your unclipped dewclaw. You know I can't resist your adorable puppy eyes and that pathetic wimper you make when you see me putting on my running shoes. I truly think you are the only being that I would wake up at 6am for (simply because you want to play outside for that matter!) Dear Monsieur Belvedere, I think that even though you are a wine caddy, this is a rather appropriate nomenclature for the likes of you (and yes, I just said 'nomenclature'). I wish I could win the giveaways we do at work.. Dear Hair, Nice work. We've almost got you in a top knot. Keep up this growing quickly streak you've been on. Dear Monster Pie, Whoa. I didn't even realize that many apples could fit in one pie.
Dear Readers, Have you ever noticed how I only post the semi-healthy foods I eat on here? Yea, that's not on accident, and it's not because I'm a super-human-that-never-eats-potato-chips either. I do try to be healthy though! Also, goat AND sheep cheese make appearances in the above meals. Thank buddha for cheeses that don't contain lactose.
Dear Aunie, Thanks for introducing me to the "Friar Tuck" a la Bye Bye Beehive. ;) So stylish! Dear Weather, You have been gorgeous lately. Now if you'll just cool down even more so I can wear my boots, kthanksbye. Dear Dairy-free Friends, (do I have any of those?) almond cheese is also awesome. Try it! Dear Weekend, I'm actually looking forward to Sunday. Weird, right? BUT I won a ticket to see Minus the Bear and Cursive in Gainesville on Sunday! So stoked! Friday and Saturday, however, will be spent serving people fried rice and pretending I care whether they want lemons in their waters or not. Dear Big Bro, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you at Disney in a few weeks! Dear Readers, I have reached 300 of you!!!! I never, ever thought this day would come. If you're new 'round these parts PLEASE introduce yourself. I'd love to get to know you and stalk the shiz out of your blog! :)



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  1. From one cheese lover to another: You should check out Applegate Naturals Yogurt cheese... I bought this for Mr. Lactose Intolerant a few days ago, and it's really good! Publix has it.

  2. You are a fabulous cook! I am impressed. And that pie looks incredible. Your dog is adorable. and that robot creature? love it. Wahoo for coming to Gainesville!

  3. Belvedere is awesome and that pie??? Who what where? Amazing!

  4. Ahhhh those dishes look sooo YUM! I've been TRYING <<<key word here to eat on the healthy side as of late but sometimes it's just so hard :( especially working 9-10 hours daily, helping my bros with doesn't leave much time to in the kitchen. As for goat cheese, I haven't acquired much of a taste for it as yet...still getting used to it.

    Have an awesome weekend pudding!


    P.S Need the recipe to that pie!!!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about your dog. Mine def has me wrapped around his paw.


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