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Cara Box Love

Let me first just say, Kim of The KO Jewelry is the

This is just one of the fabulous fall nail polish colors she got me!
She also got me THE cutest journal (umm Hi, I freaking LOVE journals -- I've already started jotting down blog ideas in it). It has a magnetic binder and these pens are flippin' sweet. She said they were her favorite kind and I was confused as to why she had a favorite pen, but then I wrote with it. It glides perfectly. A writer's dream (and yes, I still write by hand every day). Then I found EOS lipgloss, which is so awesome considering my last EOS lipgloss (which I coincidentally received in a different blog swap in February) just ran out. Perfection. Then she goes and gets me the most wonderful fall nail polish colors AND a base coat. It's like she knew that I'm totally clueless when it comes to nails and she's teaching me her masterful ways. Here's where it gets freaky though, she and I both got each other nail polish, scarves (how cute is this scarf? I'm obsessed.), a hot drink mix and a mixed CD (which had so many great songs, none of which were already in my iTunes library. Can you say soul mates? Even Ziggy loves my new scarf.

Here are some of my favorite tunes from my sweet new CD:

Thank you, Kim. You are the best!

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  1. Kim sent you a wonderful box of goodies! That is funny how you sent out such similar items (:

  2. Yay, Kim is the bestest! :) looks like an amazing swap!

  3. You guys did have twin boxes!

    I'm glad you loved your partner (:

  4. That nail color is perfect on you! I'm so glad you liked everything! How crazy is it that your eos just ran out? And my friend shared Radioactive with me a few months ago, and it's like the song just gets into your soul. SO good!

  5. Love that nail color! how funny that you guys sent eachother some of the same items! i cant wait until i start cara box! im so pumped!!

    have a great day!


  6. so fun! love the nail polish colors!
    and loving your blog, can not wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  7. That nail polish, scarf, and notebook are great gifts!! For sure, funnest swap ever. New follower. Your pictures are great!!



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