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Paleo Plan Part II

I've spent this whole weekend eating and drinking all sorts of crap and I'm bloated and gross to prove it.  So tomorrow marks the start of the ole Paleo thang again. I'm ready to eat all these wonderful things shown above again, and feel healthy, energetic and happy. (In just the 3 days I've spent eating non-paleo I've started breaking out and having majorly increased stomach pains) I'm going to try to not cheat at all for 30 days, but it will be slightly less strict than the Whole30 in that I will still eat honey, agave nectar, the occasional soy and some pseudo desserts as well (I also want to be stricter on myself about only eating meat and fish sources that are grass-fed, hormone-free, free range, etc.). I plan on eating these things sparingly though, and I also hope to stick to a pretty strict fitness plan where I get some form of exercise every single day of the 30 days even if it's just walking my sausage-pup for 30 minutes or riding my bike around town. I'm running a half marathon in November too, so I definitely need to be training hard for that as well. So this is my plan starting tomorrow. For now I will go chomp down on some Pepto Bismol and try not to forget how crappy this feels when I'm craving brownies this time tomorrow night. ;)


  1. Good luck!
    I've eaten out a few times in the last week and it just makes me feel awful. I'm not going paleo (yet), but I have to get back on my eating schedule.

  2. Let's do this, buddy. P.s. I'm gonna need some recipe advice asap. Please teach me your ways.

  3. doing it again... you're a rockstar, mackensie!


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