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InstaFriday/Friday's Letters

Dear Whole30, I'm over halfway done with you. Please keep doing good things to me and help me to continue these good habits even after September 6. I'm really enjoying cooking your recipes, but these dishes are driving nucking futs. Forrealz. Oh, and in case you're wondering, those are bacon-wrapped scallops and they were AMAZING.

Dear Britni, Thanks for making me laugh and continually making fun with Avril & Nickelback Dude's recent engagement with me. Dear Creative-Nail Bloggy Friends, I keep wanting to do fancy designs on my finger nails and what not but I chicken out for several reasons. One, if I mess up, I do NOT want to have to start over -- I'm really impatient when it comes to painting nails. Two, if it looks really cool I'm going to be so distraught when it chips over within 24 hours (and it always does. wtf, mate?). Three, I don't know how to make straight lines with a nail polish brush. I think it's impossible but then I see all you ladies doing it like it ain't no thing. My mind keeps going back to tape, but that would involve waiting for the bottom layer to be completely dry, and then I imagine the tape would pull it off anyway! Help a sista out. Dear Ziggy, You are the cutest ever. I really, really wish that I could be even half as excited about going running on a daily basis as you are. You are simply giddy the second I put my sports bra on! (See photo below and imagine very loud begging accompanying a very pathetic-looking face when she thought I was going running outside at 10pm when really I was just hitting up the treadmill. Poor pup.) And speaking of running, you are improving like crazy! A couple weeks ago I thought she was going to die from heat exhaustion and she could barely walk after a mile and a half, and two nights ago she ran 4 and half with me no problem!
Dear Florida, This rain every day has been a little crazy. I often find myself sitting in my car taking pictures, waiting for you to let up so I can go inside. You make for quite a pretty painting though! Dear Addison, You are seriously the cutest, sweetest little girl I've ever seen. I just love you. Dear Jessica, Thinking about your bridal shower this weekend makes me really excited about your bachelorette party and the actual wedding! I can't wait!! Dear Gaslight Anthem, you are amazing.

Dear Readers, Happy Friday!!



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  1. k all of that food looks amazing and looks way healthy too. i need that right now!

  2. pleassseee come cook for me. thanks for linking up for Just Because Friday today!

  3. Thanks for the comment and the follow! You are beautiful and so creative!!! Following you back!


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