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InstaFriday's Letters

Dear "Vegetarian" diet, Sorry I haven't been following you very strictly. I'll get there eventually. Dear Friends, Thanks for being silly and making me laugh all week! Dear Crystal River, You are gorgeous and I need to spend more time in you. Dear Ziggy, I am SO sorry for making you run in 90-degree weather yesterday. I forgot you're super out of shape and covered in hair. Next time I will bring water and avoid having to dunk you in a duck pond. Dear Readers, Be sure to enter my giveaway going on right now if you haven't already! It ends Thursday, August 2. Dear Birthday, HOW are you almost here already?! I absolutely do not feel old enough to be 23. That just sounds far too adult-like to describe this guy.
Dear Instagram, Thanks for giving me an excuse to look at and repost old photos of my younger, crazier days of Jell-O shots and full-bottles-of-tequila nights in college. #throwbackthursday Dear Body, It's time you started ignoring all the crap I eat and just focus on the running I've been doing instead. Calories don't count when you run, right?! Dear CMT, Thank god you exist. Without you, there would be no music videos for me to watch ever. Dear Chick Fil-A, My bod sends you and your discrimination a big ole thanks. Since you are a necessity when recovering from a particularly terrible hangover, I will be forced to drink less seeing as eating you is officially off the table. In the words of my mom, "Vote with your money." Dear Warped Tour, I am so ready to travel back to my middle school days by rockin' out to Yellowcard, Anti-Flag and Taking Back Sunday. Also, thanks for the free 30 iTunes downloads! Badass! 



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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Super cute yourself.

  2. You seem to live a pretty fun life Mackensie! Happy EARLY birthday! isn't your birthday the 1st of august!? I think I vaguely remember coming to a birthday party of yours MANY YEARS ago.

  3. You're still a baby at almost 23! Don't stress out until you are in your late 20s like me. Ha! :-) Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Nice to "meet" you!

  4. Sounds like you have been busy and doing an awesome job working out! I wish I could find the motivation to go running haha.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :D

  5. that first picture looks delicious!! and my dog can't handle running outside either - she gets way to hot and tired!

  6. Super cute blog! I can't wait to follow along :)

  7. As always love Friday letters with Mackie.


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