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From top left clockwise: I haven't been cooking much lately, but here's my breakfast of champions I whipped up: English muffin with egg and lactose-free cheese and sliced avocado; Just a little self-portrait before going out to dinner with my family; My friends' adorable baby Yorkie, Eevee; Rain, rain and more rain; I've actually been running, you guys! Nothing like a half marathon being a week away to get you motivated to train; My lovely artwork, I am specializing in portraits of work friends on napkins; More running!; My kind of rootbeer float, perfect for pre-menstrual women like myself. ;)

Tomorrow marks my blog's one year anniversary!!! Saturday will be filled with celebrations, including a baby shower, a bridal shower and the birthday of my very own baby blog. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a lovely evolution of this here site throughout the past 12 months of semi-regular posting. In the meantime, Happy Friday, friends!

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