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Friday's Letters

Dear Seattle, I CANNOT wait to visit you in two weeks. I really hope I'm ready for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon, but I know I'm ready to see tons of live music including Gym Class Heroes. I'm so stoked to do all sorts of touristy stuff like visiting the space needle and the EMP. It's gonna be epic. Dear Life, Get ready for some big changes. Moves are about the be made. It's going down. Adventures, here I come.
Dear Kindle, You rock my world. Water For Elephants was awesome (now I can finally watch the movie!) and I have officially purchased Fifty Shades of Grey. Needless to say, I'm beyond excited for some raunchy story time. Dear Biff, Your engagement party tonight is going to be fabulous! Can't wait to rock some Tommy Bahama with you. Dear Big Mack, You need to calm down with the whole eating-like-a-14-year-old-boy thing you got going lately. Your bod doesn't appreciate it and running every couple days isn't cutting it. It's called self control. Try it some time. Dear People of My Age Group, I'd appreciate it if you'd chill out with all the getting-married-and-popping-out-babies business. Too much pressure! Does anyone else still feel like they're 12..? My dog is enough responsibility as it is. Dear Weather, It feels like I'm in Seattle already (without the awesome, of course) considering how it's been raining for a week straight. I know we need it and all, but it's putting a damper on any thoughts I had of doing anything productive. Dear Readers, I will get back on track with posting with regularity soon! I can't believe I missed out on Music Monday, WIWW and InstaFriday (I have zero interesting InstaGram pictures from this week!) Craziness. I blame my poor virus-ridden laptop for tripping me up lately. If anyone is good with computers and would like to help me fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.

Happy Friday, friends!



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