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What I Wore

Top Left: Shirt - PacSun / Skirt - Goodwill (originally an 80s dress with shoulder pads) / Shoes - Target / Belt - F21
Top Right: Shirt - Lucky / Jeans - AE / Shoes - Payless
Bottom Left: Shirt - Target / Bracelets - Dillard's / Shoes - Target
Rainy Day Waves & Essie Green Nails

All I have for you today are goofy iPhone mirror pictures, but they're somewhat representative of what I've worn this past week. Minus the PJs, work and gym clothes, of course. Speaking of goofy iPhone pictures, I was scanning through my camera roll (1,100 pictures strong.. whoa.) and found some pretty funky self-portraits that had never been shared before. I'm not sure why I feel compelled to take these photos, but I figured as long as I have them I might as well share them. Enjoy.

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