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InstaFriday's Letters

Dear Flea Market, you may not have a whole lot going for you besides creepy marionettes, lawn gnomes and sketchy people, but I'll be darned if you don't rock the crap out of what you do.
Dear Nephews, Thanks for being fabulous lunch dates and adorable human beings in general. I love you lots. Love, Aunt Mackie
Dear Target, You sucked me in once again causing me to spend too much money and therefore purchase these oh, so beautiful wedges. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Dear Mary Poppins, When are you going to teach me that whole making-your-room-clean-itself trick? I've been waiting for years. I've been a slob for years. Oy.
Dear Bee Sketches, Please allow the most perfect depiction of a bee to come to me in my dreams and allow me to settle on one. It's important.
Dear Fellow Runners, I signed up for the 2012 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon! Please let me know if you're participating in it as well. Also, I signed up for so I can virtually train with friends. Add me if you have an account!
Dear Readers, Thank you so much for sticking with me. I know I've been a bit of a slacker lately, but your comments truly brighten my day on a regular basis. 




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