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Best Weekend Ever

Friday night my awesome friend Katie and I went to go see The Lucky One, where we swooned over Zac Efron's sexy body and cringed over his portrayal of a U.S. Marine -- C'mon, Wildcat, stick to dancing. The Corps would eat you alive. Oh, but the almost-sex-scenes = totally worth it. Afterwards we went to the restaurant I work at to eat sushi and drink crazy cocktail combinations (oh, snap, alliteration!) made by my very own manager/bar tender.
Look at these beautiful, custom-made sushi rolls. Nom.

Saturday, Cinco De Mayo, started with my waking up bright and early to serve people food for the next 12 hours. Don't get me wrong, though, I made the best of it by wearing a sombrero and discussing La Batalla De Puebla (in espanol, of course) with my Mexican coworkers. They also tricked me into taking a shot of water that came from a Patron bottle.. cool, guys.

I finally got off around 11:15 p.m. and went straight home to change into the most Mexican dress I own and head to Gainesville where I celebrated one of my Cardinals, Liz's graduation with real life shots of Patron. Congratulations, Lizzykins!!! It was fabulous. I think I was too tired to take photos.

Then Sunday came and it was time to celebrate another friend and fellow UF alum, Patsy's graduation... with pool volleyball, gas station wine and FourLokos. Yep, we're that classy. Then one thing lead to another and we were all in Daytona Beach singing and dancing to live music, eating seafood and running down the beach. Absolutely perfect.

At one point an adorable hippie guy even started twirling me around the dance floor and flipping me around ballroom-dancing-style. It was amazing. I may have had one too many margaritas, though, and forgot to get his number. Woops. ;)

So then on Monday (aka extension-of-Sunday) I put on this outfit and went out for MORE delicious sushi with Katie and Lindsay, both of whom I've been friends with since pre-school at least. Look how epic this sushi is:

That top one is a Spicy Cajun Roll with chili sauce and three different types of topiko on top. I think it's safe to say I'm addicted to sushi. Then we continued to catch up over donuts and ice cream at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins. Overall it was one of those epic, spontaneous adventure-filled weekends that I've been craving. It was the best.

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