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Take Me Home Tonight!

This weekend has been pretty awesome, guys. Friday night I went to Gainesville to hang out with this pretty lady and some other excellent people as well. I even ended the night racing people home from the bar (I'm still sore..).

Then Saturday I got to spend some quality time with my big sis, Britni, when we went to go see EDDIE MONEY in concert!

It was really fun. Not only did we end up knowing way more songs than we thought we would, but we also got to do some pretty hilarious people watching. I don't know about you guys, but I love watching old people let loose and party -- especially the country folk that show up in Ocala ready to get their drank on, suspenders and all. My boy, Eddie, sang his version of this song that I posted on Facebook the other day:

So I was pretty excited about that, but not as excited as I was when I heard "Two Tickets To Paradise!!!"

Some major excitement came along with this song as well..

Then we finished off this lovely day with some major noms.

Some of the best movies known to man.
Britni just so happens to be the middle sister ;)

In other words it was a pretty awesome weekend. Now I just have to finish strong by making lots of money tonight at work, and maybe pranking some peeps since it's April Fool's Day and all. (Don't think I didn't consider telling you guys I was pregnant..)

And now for my very weak March Fitness roundup (don't judge me, I definitely exercised my liver and ability to still party even while ridiculously sick!):

March 1: 3.31 miles
March 4: 3.15 miles
March 7: 6.83 miles
March 15: 3.68 miles
March 30: 4.01 miles

Like I said before, April will be much better. I don't even think I stepped foot in the gym this entire month -- aka a wasted $10 at Planet Fitness. I will definitely run more than 6.8 as my long run (hopefully every week!). I should be able to run about 16-18 miles at this point, and yet so far my longest run has been 12. So it's time to quit the excuses (and happy hours) and get my butt back in shape. Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon, here I come!!!

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