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Top Left Clockwise: Dan Dan Noodles from Pei Wei's in Davenport (nommmm) / My first time trying Menchie's froyo (which didn't hurt my stomach! Score!) / Watching The Big Lebowski with my brother and his freaky cat - The Dude abides / The closest thing to edible lactose-free cream cheese I've found so far: Farmer Cheese / WIWW Outtakes / I almost look like I have blue eyes! Who knew! / My cuddly puppy butt / Just trying out some curly Q's

I hate to admit this, but I have yet to run once this week.
I just have to get through next week (finals.. ugh) and get my butt in gear. 
I guess we'll see what happens.
But in the meantime.. I'm off to work.

Happy Friday!

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