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Guys, my hair is long enough now that I can do fun things with it besides frying it with the straightener every day! (Like frying it with a curling iron instead!)

Oh, whataya know. Hangin' out at Applebee's after work. Weird..

I am obsessed with avocados lately. I've been squeezing lemon and lime juice on them and sprinkling salt and cayenne pepper. It's so delicious. Besides that I've got a breakfast quesadilla, boca burger, some dairy-free Dunkin Donuts items that I customized once I got home (they REALLY need to add at least some soy milk to their menu!) and my mom's very own mulberries from her tree!

Apparently my favorite things to draw on Draw Something are music artists: Kanye, The Beatles and Nicki Minaj. And oh hey, there's me trying to catch my shadow Peter Pan-style!

Happy Friday, friends. Gotta run to work!

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