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InstaFriday / Friday's Letters

Dear Readers, I have decided to make Friday work-out-brag-day. Partly because with my marathon vastly approaching I need to hold myself accountable for actually training and partly because I feel good about the fact that I ran 10 miles yesterday. (Just being honest!) I did it in 1:40 even though I walked half of mile seven. I also did a 3-mile run earlier this week and a 6-miler last week. Still not as hardcore as I should be, but I'm getting there. I'm hoping to get a good run in on Sunday too. Love, Hardcore Kens
Dear Ziggy, You are just the cutest. I love that you buried one of the Easter eggs in the backyard (we searched for it for SO long last Sunday too) just to dig it up and chow down on it the other morning. I'm guessing it tastes better once it's nice and stinky from basking in the sun for several days. Love, Yo Mama
Dear Veganomicon Cookbook, You are the BEST. This couscous rocks my world. Love, Big Mack
Dear Capers, You make everything taste amazing. I don't know how I used to enjoy food without knowing the wonder that is your tangy, salty, weird-textured self. Lemon (dairy-free) butter caper sauce is my go-to for fish and pasta. It's so easy and I love it. Love, Big Mack
Dear Butt, I'm sorry about all the cheap wine and massive amounts of potato chips I've been using to grow you. Just try to concentrate on the runs and ignore the carbs and trans fats. Thanks, Big Mack
Dear California, Please give me a job so I can live in you. Please, please, please. Love, Kensie

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