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SB2011 Part II

I know I left you all waiting in anxious anticipation the past couple of days, but I got distracted by Orlando adventures. SB12 has treated me pretty dang well, but that's a story for a different day. For now we're discussing Spring Break 2011. The first stop on our cruise was Grand Turk.
This is where a woman in a Chiquita Banana getup traded us a bottle of rum for the t-shirt Sarah is wearing above. See, the writing on the shirt was in Russian so naturally we had no idea what it said, but Chiquita knew and she thought it was awesome. This is also where I got to drink in Margaritaville, see my very first wet t-shirt contest (the 60-year-old woman who entered as a joke totally won by the way) and I got to participate (and flail around like crazy) in simulated wave riding.
The next stop was a beautiful private island called Half Moon Cay where I documented unnecessary quotation marks for editing class purposes (yes, I'm guilty of being a grammar nerd) and rode on a horse in the ocean. I have no photographic evidence, however, because Sarah opted out of this excursion, but I can promise you it happened and there was an unfortunate amount of horse poop floating all around us..
The next stop was by far my favorite: Atlantis.
I went on every single water slide there. It was so fantastic. Yes, I am a child. There was even an underground aquarium. Everything about this place was unbelievable. I was in awe.
The rest of the trip was spent making friends (lots of FSU frat boys were there which was definitely entertaining), singing LFO karaoke, boozing, eating, gambling (ish.. I played the slots and that's about as far as I got) and dancing. Without a doubt, SB11 was the best spring break ever.

How did you spend your favorite spring break ever?

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