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February Fitness

Since today is the first day of March and March is going to be a SUPER awesome fitness month for me (I decided.), I thought I'd do a recap of my February workouts. I happily found that I was pretty consistent for the second half of the month, anyway!

2/3: 4 miles in 35:00
2/6: 2 hour bike ride, 20 min. EFX & weight lifting
2/11: 9.02 miles in 1:26:00
2/15: 30 min. EFX, 30 min. bike & weight lifting
2/17: 3.67 miles in 42:33
2/19: Yoga
2/22: 3.56 miles in 36:05
2/23: 6 miles in 1:00:00
2/26: 1.95 miles in 23:22 (with Andy)
2/28: 12 miles in 1:59:00

Today I took this sweet baby angel face on a 3-mile run with me.
I wore my brand new work shoes (which starts TOMORROW! EEK!)
(I hope y'all enjoy my disgusting, sweaty, no-makeup pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.)
Ziggy is passed the eff out right now.
It is HOT out there.
Not that I'm complaining.. I actually got a wee baby tan today! ;)

I heard this on the radio today and it made me smile, so hopefully it'll make you smile too.

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