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InstaFriday / Friday's Letters

Dear Running Shoes, I appreciate you supporting my ankle and allowing me to run 9 (pretty fast!) miles, but in return you gave me the biggest, reddest, grossest blister I've ever had, hindering the rest of my running this week. Not cool, man. (I am so tempted to post a picture of it, but I will spare my poor blog readers' eyes... for now.) Sincerely, Running with my Vibrams next time
Dear Valentine's Day, Thanks for being awesome. Can't wait to celebrate you more on Sunday. Love, Kensie
Dear Fan, I hope you're not offended by how terribly your light bulbs match now, but that's what you get for letting all three blow out at the exact same time. -me Dear Sushi, I will love you forever and always. -Big Mack Dear Hunger Games Trilogy, Seems like just yesterday when I first started reading your pages and now I've finished you all. *sigh* Let's just hope the movies can come even remotely close to your amazingness. -Mack
Dear Britni (my sis), I enjoyed eating froyo & drinking wine slushees with you. Let's do it again some time. -Mack 
Dear Hair, Thanks for cooperating with me lately. I enjoy having an actual pony tail again. -Me

Dear Weekend, for the most part this is what you're going to look like:
Minus the delicious coffee drink.. considering they're about 5 bucks a pop. (That shi cray..) & while we're on the subject, Dear Chemistry, I HATE YOU. -Kens

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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  1. Haha. This is a fun post. And I am saaaaaad that the Hunger Games Trilogy is over! I just finished it! :(


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