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What I Wore Wednesday Part VI

Dress, Shoes & Clutch: Ross
Belt: Target
Jacket: Dillard's

This is what happens when I come home all buzzed from an interview and attempt to take photos on my tiny point-and-shoot, without a tripod, for the 10 minutes before the battery dies and have no idea where the charger is. Whew, deep breath.

I think the back of the dress is pretty cool, but I never quite know how to handle such things because I'm not about to go bouncin' my boobies around town without a bra, but my bra is so clearly evident & an undershirt would take me from 22 to 12 in about three seconds.

This necklace was a gift from my sister-in-law -- DZ's symbol is the turtle. :)

And there's the fact that this dress is fairly see-through anyway. Sheesh. 

How do you guys feel about the whole wearing-a-see-through-blouse-and-black-bra look?
I think it's so scandalous! (I feel like the church lady) But sometimes I see chicks who rock the crap out of it.. so I have mixed feelings. 

Happy Hump Day!


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