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Running / Music Monday

Remember how Austin and I went to Savannah, GA a couple weekends ago and it was super awesome? Well, I forgot to tell you all about one of the really cool things we observed: Savannah loves runners!
The hotel we stayed at (The Hyatt) not only overlooked the river and provided an iHome instead of an oldschool alarm clock, but it also had a Garmin Forerunner available to rent!! How cool?! They also had little running route cards that showed loops around town. We didn't actually end up running due to all the drinks fun we were having, but we brought running gear just in case and we were planning on running 7 miles, which was pretty funny considering the running route cards showed a 3.5 mile loop exactly. Also, the restaurant we ate at had an outdoor menu with a sticker stating "Runners Welcome" and I lost count of all the different cars proudly touting "26.2" stickers. These are the kinds of things that excite me, people.

While we're on the subject, let's go ahead and take a look at this badass gym inside the hotel too.

Right next to the indoor pool..

(Sorry these photos are unedited and taken on my iPhone, but you get the point. The hotel was fitness savvy.)

So back to the point. Marathon training. I have been following my schedule loosely. I have been getting my long runs in every week, but it's the short ones I keep skimping out on. Looking in my planner I'm realizing I've only been running about twice a week and hitting the gym once a week for weight training. I think my main reason for this is I'm worried about my ankles, particularly my left ankle. 

In case you're new 'round these parts, I injured my left knee back in September while training for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon and after reading "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall, I decided to give barefoot running (or in my case, Vibram Five Finger running) a try. I am amazed each time I run at how much this decision has helped my knee. The only problem is, after years of running with ridiculously supportive (too much so)  shoes on, my ankles have become accustomed to being babied. My best guess is that they're weak and I'm probably doing something slightly weird with my left leg anyway, subconsciously protecting my knee or something to make my left ankle sore. More sore than it should be.

This is why I've been hesitant to run three days in a row like Higdon would have me do, so I end up resting until my ankle feels pretty good and running then. It ends up being about two times per week. The good news is, I haven't signed up or committed to any particular race coming up, so if I'm not ready, so be it.

Here's a summary of my first four weeks of training:

Week 1: 4 miles, 2 miles, yoga
Week 2: 6 miles, 3 miles
Week 3: 7 miles, weights, 4 miles
Week 4: 5 miles, weights, 2 miles

Today marks week 5 and I am hoping to run at least five miles today. Next weekend's long run is 9 miles, so I'm probably going to need some luck to finish that one in good spirits.

(You don't have to tell me, I already know this is the most attractive photo you've ever seen of me.)

Now, onto even more exciting things! One of my favorite bloggers, Confessions of A Graphic Design Student, has started the coolest linkup for Mondays, Music Monday, where you link up a playlist based on her theme. This week it's 5 of your favorite tracks by a single artist. I figured since I've been listening to this band a lot while I run that I'd do a playlist dedicated to Grouplove.

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