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"Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"

My sister Britni got me this book for Christmas and it took me all of about three sittings to finish it (maybe because I can't sit still for very long). For those of you who don't know, Mindy Kaling is a hilarious writer and actor for "The Office" and if you don't watch "The Office"... you should. It's on Netflix, go!

I went into this book thinking it would be just like Tina Fey's "Bossypants" which literally made me laugh out loud from beginning to end, but Kaling cleared that up for me in the very first chapter in which she hosts her own questions and answers, including "This sounds okay, but not as good as Tina Fey's book. Why isn't this more like Tina Fey's book?" Where she answers that it's very difficult to lure Fey into a Freaky Friday-type situation where they could switch bodies. Good enough reason for me.

Don't get me wrong, this one made me snicker several times as well, but it was just a little different. Kaling writes more like how I would talk when tipsy talking to chicks I just met and totally, like, relate to. Which is awesome, but Fey is more of a holy-crap-how-did-you-fit-that-many-funny-pop-culture-references-into-one-sentence plus badass feminist kind of a gal. Basically each chapter of "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"entails a list, observation or random tidbit about her life, including the wonderfully narcissistic photos she has on her Blackberry and revenge plots she imagines while doing the elliptical machine.

At one point she lists the funniest scenes from movies ever and I found it wonderful that this one made the list because it makes me almost pee my pants every time I see it.

And if you've never seen "Wet Hot American Summer," again, it's on Netflix.. I suggest you do so immediately.

Lastly, she observes that men, no matter the circumstances, take a really long time to put on their shoes. It's true and awesome because I didn't realize this was a universal rule, but now I know, thanks to Mindy, that it totally is.

So, if you're looking for a chuckle-worthy-non-depressing-probably-won't-be-made-into-a-movie kind of a book, definitely check it out. 

Plus there's this:

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