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InstaFriday Part III

Top left clockwise: Jessica, me and some friends at Gators Dockside watching the National Championship (woo hoo, Roll Tide! ..I just like Bama more than LSU.. I'm a Florida girl), my sweaty self stretching after a three mile run yesterday, me doing what any girl does after reading "The Hunger Games" for an hour: daydreams about archery & captures it on InstaGram, and lastly, my cute little pup loungin' in the sun.

But this photo right here is what really sums up my iPhone week:

This isn't even my high score. Guys, I'm addicted to this game. You might think I just use that word loosely, but I see the tree roots, arches of fire and monkeys scrolling at me when I close my eyes sometimes. It's a problem.

Also, speaking of addiction, I finished "The Hunger Games" yesterday and it was as exciting and awesome as everyone said it would be. I am cautious about when to start the second one because I know I won't be able to stop once I start. I think I'll read one of my Christmas books in between first (probably "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides).

Do you guys play Temple Run on your iPhones too?

This weekend is going to be full of adventure. Hopefully not the kind where you are forced into an arena and have to kill each other off and what not, but still. Hopefully there will be running and temples and explorers and fire. I'll keep you posted.

May all of your weekends be full of adventure as well!

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  1. I love temple run but damn I'm not up to your level lol.


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