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Broccoli Polenta

I bought a package of polenta (essentially corn grits) waaay back when I first started this blog because of my Women's Health Magazine-inspired 32-day Health Kick. However, I did not use it because I had no effing clue what it was or how to make it taste good. Luckily, my all-knowing and wonderful Veganomicon cookbook led me through it step by step, and now I'll show you. Get excited.

Here's what you'll need.

Massive amounts of broccoli.
& the recipe doesn't actually call for onions... but I don't cook anything without onions.

First you bring the salt and veggie broth to a boil, then add the polenta in a steady stream mixing with a whisk as you go. Once it's nice and mushed up, add the olive oil and broccoli lowering the heat to low/simmer (it started jumping at me once the polenta was all mixed in, it's a lively ingredient when hot apparently). You keep mixing and letting it cook on low for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it sit for 10 (or if you're impatient like myself, you immediately proceed to the next step..)

Which is, coating a muffin pan with olive oil and smooshing the polenta mixture into it and cooling it in the fridge for an hour. (Yea, this recipe took a while to execute..) And since I was hungry, I went ahead and made my own little free-style lactose-free greek salad while I was waiting:

Once the polenta balls (hehe) are cooled down, you transfer them to a greased up pan and broil them for about 7 minutes (since mine were farther than a couple inches from the flame, I had to leave them in for more like 12 minutes, but keep your eye on them) when they're slightly brown. 

There was also a pan-fry option that intimidated me, so I stuck with the broiler.

They turned out pretty well! I'm sure they would have been tastier with a fun main dish that includes spinach and mushrooms or something of that nature, but I already had the salad and all, so I was good to go. I'd love to hear how you guys prepare your polenta. 
I had never worked with it before, so I'd love some suggestions!

I will update you all on my running progress soon. I'm thinking it needs its own post.

Have a lovely day!

Be sure to check out my friend's blog How To Make Art, she's an awesome artist & was nice enough to feature yours truly today!

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