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Christmas Magic

Wee baby me

Back when I used to look like that, I had an overwhelming love of Christmas. I still love it, of course, but back then it was so real, so magical, so perfect. Everything about it gave me butterflies. Sometimes during the summer I would randomly think about how wonderful Christmas is and start doodling snowmen, snow flakes, Christmas trees and get excited all over again.

I remember lying on the floor by the fireplace with all the lights off except for the lights on the tree. I must have stayed there for hours wishing with everything in me that Santa might come by early and fill my stocking. I would close my eyes really tight, reason being that Santa just didn't want me to see him, so with my eyes shut tight he could wiggle down the chimney real quick and leave my goodies in my stocking.

There was definitely magic in the living room, I could feel it. The colorful glow of the lights, the homemade ornaments, the fireplace with stockings hanging from it. I knew he'd come any second, but even if he didn't, the anticipation was so exciting. I remember feeling so peaceful lying on the carpet just waiting for Santa.

My sister as a wee baby

I always took care of providing refreshments for our Christmas guests. One time I threw reindeer food (glitter and dry oatmeal, obviously) on the roof so they would be nice and full by the time they left the top of our house. I also made sure to write Santa a little letter that I left by the plate of cookies. He always wrote back. Letters are magical too.

My children will definitely make their own, beautiful ornaments every year.

They will definitely receive a letter from the big guy himself.

They will feel the Christmas magic and peacefulness.

And if they're anything like me, they'll love their stockings more than any present under the tree.


  1. I have ornaments of me in different stages of life too. I'm excited to do that with my kids! Merry Christmas!

  2. its 2 am on Christmas morning and i have just put the finishing touches on your stocking. Yes, it was me all along, but in the spirit of Christmas, inspired by you and your siblings, Santa was there. How else could i possibly stay awake this late. Baking the last of the gingerbread, all is quiet, you are all asleep with sugar plums dancing in your heads. Only a little Christmas magic could make this happen. Then as if that were not perfect enough, i read you blog, shed a few happy tears and prepare for one more sleep. i love you so much. Mom


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