Some time last week I got a text message from my best friend's boyfriend saying (in a very nonchalant manner)

"I'm going to propose to Jessica on Saturday. She wants to go to J. Crew. Will you take her to the outlet mall in Orlando?"

It took me several minutes to realize that this was not, in fact, a joke and my best friend was really about to be engaged (and to someone I've been friends with since 9th grade no less!). So after sending him several text messages back with tons of "!!!!"s and "?!??!?"s with no response, I danced, skipped, squealed and HAD to call Austin because no one else was home and this news had to be shared (secretly, of course!). I made him swear not to tell a soul and proceeded to update him every time Sam texted me details.

I had to distract her from 1 until 5 on Saturday and blind fold her when we got back to her house, where I would lead her out to a romantic dinner in a beautifully decorated backyard.

So we spent the day shopping at the outlets and inevitably the subject of weddings & proposals comes up (while I desperately try to remember if we normally talk about marriage this often?! Is she on to me???) but I keep my mouth shut.. and it's not until around 4 pm when we're about to leave that I realize Sam hasn't updated me. I think, "What if he's not ready?!" and the butterflies hit my stomach every other five minutes the entire drive home. I was trying so hard not to be weird.. but I was so weird. I just tried to stay quiet and sing along with the radio.

Finally we got to her house where I realize our friend (who's not in on the situation) had left her keys inside. After a small heart attack (and secret text messages to the inside sources), I tell Jessica shakily calmly that she cannot go inside and I struggle (a lot) to tie the blind fold around her head. The keys were safely returned and I led her inside while beautiful music softly played in the background.

After the blind fold came off, he got down on one knee, asked her to be his wife and gave her the most gorgeous ring ever. She said yes. (And I cried. What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance.)

Then we drank champagne and danced... a lot. (Oh, and no we did not coordinate our outfits, but it worked out nicely!)

It was an all around amazing night and I am SO excited to help plan/execute the wedding. It's going to be the most amazing event ever, I can just feel it.

Thank you so much, Sam, for letting me be there on this special day. I love you both so much. Congratulations!


  1. so happy for Jess and Sam and thanks Mackie for sharing their joy. you are a joy.


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