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Pumpkin Soup & Stir Fry

Do you remember that episode of the Magic School Bus where the kids travel through the boy's body to figure out why his skin is turning orange? This is the only episode I remember, also I'm pretty sure that this bright orange skin is bound to be my fate if I keep up this pumpkin obsession. Sure, the reason for the boy's discoloration was eating too many carrot snacks, but surely it works with pumpkin too.

I've decided to embrace it though. It'll be a great conversation starter at Gator games -- "Cool wig, bro..too bad your SKIN isn't orange!" Also, I could always switch my Halloween costume to Snooki! (Or was that my costume all along? Mwahahaha)

Also, a package of extra firm tofu was calling my name from the fridge, so in the spirit of Thai food (& not letting food expire..) I whipped up this peanut tofu stir fry using this recipe (except for a few minor alterations of course -- love me some red pepper jelly!). As for the pumpkin soup, I mixed and matched from these two recipes: one & two. The result was a somewhat bland pumpkin blend, so I added hot sauce, soy sauce & cayenne pepper. It was still somewhat disappointing, but it wasn't terrible. Hopefully it'll taste better later on today.

For the past couple of days I have been scrapbooking like crazy. I love scrapbooks. I started my first one during Halloween of my 10th year, documenting my fifth grade trip to Washington DC, school dances, soccer teams & awkward elementary school class photos. Then in high school I stepped up my game and managed to document all the major events except graduation. So four years later, I finally documented high school graduation and I truly hope that I get around to scrapping college graduation before an additional four years have past. I'm excited to show off my progress with you all very soon!


  1. You should try this recipe and tell me how it turns out: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/10/crockpot-turkey-white-bean-pumpkin.html

  2. you are becoming an awesome cook.


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