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Boca Quesadillas

As I went to make a regular old Boca burger the other day, I noticed some salsa in the fridge and decided to get a little crazy with it. I figured if quesadillas taste awesome with chicken and ground beef, what difference could a little vegetarian tweak make? So I scrounged up these ingredients and got to work.

The hardest thing about this meal was cutting the onion (cue the water works), but seriously. It was really easy and delicious and lactose free... so I'd call that a win.

All I did was cook the Boca burger in the microwave, threw some Borden lactose-free cheese (it tastes just like regular individually wrapped cheese slices!) on a corn tortilla, cut up an onion & culantro, added some salsa and threw it back into the microwave. And voila! My super easy meal was ready to be devoured.  

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