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Sunglasses Hoarder

I have a pretty sweet collection of sunglasses growing! I always seem to forget my shades when I go places where I really need them (i.e. the beach), so I generally pick up a cheap pair on the way to my destination. The other day my dad commented that I have a different pair on every time he sees me & then I turned around to see my boyfriend posing like this:

So I went a little crazy & taught myself how to make a .gif in PhotoShop so I could showcase the whole (well at least the ones I could find) collection.

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  1. I want to know how you can find 30 pairs of sunglasses that all look cute on you, yet I struggle to find ONE pair that looks halfway decent on me. NOT FAIR.

  2. Aww shucks! Thanks Nosilla, I love to get sunglasses at Target because there's a HUGE selection and they're pretty cheap! Thanks for reading!!


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