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Birthday Blitz

There are so many birthdays in these summer months. (Too many people getting into the Christmas spirit..?) In the past couple months I have celebrated mine, my dad's, nephew's, boyfriend's, sister's & many, many friends. Birthdays are so fun because you get to celebrate the people you love, eat a lot of good food and, of course, you get to dress up all fancy like. My sister had an awesome birthday celebration this past Friday, but it was also Austin's brother's 80s themed birthday party night (and we all know I can't say no to a costume party). So naturally I brought a change of clothes with me and prepared to party it up in two very different ensembles. For my sister's nice sushi dinner & night out on the town, I went with the glam look:

Then to celebrate 80's style, I made a Bayside Tigers sweatshirt (from Goodwill) in hopes of looking even half as hot as Saved By The Bell's Kelly Kapowski.

I also wore my Goodwill jorts, and I bought some sweet turquoise earrings (for 99 cents) but I forgot to wear them.. so I will be debuting them at a later date.

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