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Self Cleansing

I finally finished the process of moving all of my stuff from my apartment (on the fourth floor) to my parents' house in Ocala. Proof:

So I've decided to do something! Not clean my room, if that's what you were thinking, in fact here's a little video I live by:

Yea. Chili face noodle punch. That's how much I dislike cleaning.

Anyway, I've decided I should be more healthy in my eating habits so I started a 2-day cleanse.. two days ago. Needless to say, I cheated (and for a spamburger no less). I have no will power--and you have no idea how delicious spamburgers are, BUT to make up for it I'm continuing it on to day 3. It's from and here's the link to it. Lots of fruit smoothies, green tea and protein. I'm still working on the smoothie for today, so no cheating so far.

Besides that I'm going to try to keep track of all my workouts. I feel strongly that I should be working out at least four times a week. Plus I'm running a half marathon (Disney Wine & Dine) in September, which I'm doing by myself and it's sold out. So, let me know if you feel like wining & dining & not so much running with me after the event.

Also, I found a recipe for sunflower seed cheese (both things that I love minus the lactose) so I will be attempting that and documenting it soon. Get excited.

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