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Boozy popsicles & pizza

This weekend was the first one I've spent in my new apartment (going on four weeks since moving in) and I celebrated by only leaving the house to walk Ziggy and buy food/booze. Friday night was spent watching Netflix (what up, "New Girl" and "Breakfast at Tiffanys"?) from a blanket sprawled across the bare living room floor and munching on vegan frozen pizza. Saturday was spent sleeping and then making the most epic of boozy popsicles this side of the Bay has seen. I'm talkin' cilantro + cucumber + fresh pineapple juice with rum, champagne + strawberries and blackberry + watermelon tequila pops. They were magical, especially paired with Emma's company and "500 Days of Summer." And Sunday was spent watching more movies, building shelves and bonding with my dog. Basically I didn't do much this weekend and that's how I liked it.
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  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Those popsicles sound and look delicious! I still need to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's..

  2. Boozy Popsicles??? You're gonna have to share how to make them ASAP! Pretty Please :)

  3. Popsicles with alcohol sound pretty awesome. Amy's burritos are awesome too! Never tried the pizza.

  4. i want boozy pops. san cilantro. gross. also, i want to watch 500 days of summer now. love me some JGL

  5. 500 Days of Summer rocks my face off. Just so good. I love Amy's!

  6. New Girl is my favorite new show! And I've never thought of making popsicles with alcohol... but that's going on my to-do list soon. I'm beginning to recognize the limits of my creativity when it comes to alcohol.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  7. You had me at boozy popsicles! (and not hello- Jerry McGuire)

  8. I need to make those posicles! Put a recipe on here, stat!

  9. Why are we not neighbors?
    Why were we not together for this adventure?
    Would Ziggy eat Ralph if we had a play date?
    But seriously, WHY AREN'T WE NEIGHBORS??

    Questions like these keep me up at night.

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love Breakfast at Tiffany's and New Girl!

  11. Boozy pops?? Yes please. How to, how to! Or I could just Pinterest it :)

    Also, I super love your antler photo!

  12. this weekend sounds like everything that makes life perfect.
    and NEW GIRL!? i'm f'ing obsessed.


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