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Things that intimidate me

I have a secret: sometimes I'm an anxious person.

Okay, depending on who you are, this may not be a secret. Sometimes silly things intimidate me and I blame it on my 65% introvert personality test results because I think you'll quickly realize that the majority of the following triggers involve other grown humans. Maybe I should just interact with puppies and babies all day every day..

Anyway. Here are some things that intimidate me for no good reason:

+ Car washes, or anything auto-related at all, really. Especially if it's all men on staff. Don't call me 'sweetie.' Just don't.

+ Sewing machines. If a DIY project requires more than a little hand stitching, I'm like, "Next."

+ Power tools, particularly if they are capable of slicing through wood. On the same vein, I don't craft with wood unless I get to simply paint the surface.

+ The free weight section at any gym that has a person other than myself in it. I know how to lift, bro, but as soon as you walk in, I'm out. I can't handle getting swole if you're watching. I just can't.

+ My cellphone ring. Especially if it's from "Unknown." *shudders*

+ The sound of the television blaring, especially if it's sports coverage. I'm not now, nor will I ever be, the cool girlfriend who loves football. #sorrynotsorry

+ Any recipe that requires marinating. Nobody got time for that.

+ "Can I help you find something?" -- anyone at any store ever. No, you cannot.

+ Shared kitchen spaces. You don't even want to know how long it took me to be comfortable walking to (and finding my way back from) the kitchen at my old office. If it weren't for my hanger issues, I'd probably avoid them altogether.

+ Planning. I am attracted to people who like to plan (in friends and partners) because even packing blows. Itinerary, ishminerary. Again, if it weren't for my wanderlust, I'd probably be a hermit.

+ New workout classes. No matter how many times I go to a new studio and have a perfectly pleasant experience, I hate going to a new one. Exception: if a friend comes with me. I'm a strong believer in "strength in numbers." I'm invincible if I have just one other person with me.

+ People reading over my shoulder. If someone is reading as I'm typing, I will immediately forget how my fingers work.

So now that you know a little bit more about how weird I am, please do tell me what intimidates you in the comments section. Please?


  1. hahaha oh girl! I love you. I guess I never got out of jr. high because if I walk by a group of laughing teenage girls, I immediately forget how to walk. I'm 24. I just attempt to channel my inner regina! <3

  2. Are you still doing ClassPass? I feel you on the new studio thing, like omg are you guys wearing shoes or not?!? But it's always fine no matter what silly mistakes I used to make (sigh, i miss uuuuu classpass). I used to and kind of still do have anxiety over ordering via drive thru and also getting asked what I want to drink at a bar before I've discussed it with the person/people I'm with.

  3. New workout classes/gym mates are the worst! Even if I know I can do it.
    Going into a restaurant alone feels intimidating to me for some strange reason.

  4. Oh god there's nothing worst than people looking over my shoulder. Drives me completely crazy!

  5. Every time my husband wants to "marinate" something, I get sooooooooooooo annoyed because it's like I WANNA EAT NOW DAMMIT!


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